Gender-reparative therapy

In the recent post about DSM V, I alluded to concerns within the trans community about the composition of the APA workgroups.  The opposition has many facets but a core objection is that the APA has not spoken against reparative therapy and that some workgroup members still seem to advocate reparative therapy.

Reparative therapy is a an emotive subject for trans people.  Those transitioning in middle age are very much aware of the treatment they could have expected had they transitioned (as most would have wished) in adolescence.  I’ve now found an article at the GID Reform sitewhich describes some of the horrors of raparative therapy that transsexual people have been subjected to.  This is not something which has been made up: I have trans friends who have suffered exactly this sort of treatment. 

On the same site there is also a good page on some of the problems with the DSM.


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