Faith, Homophobia, Transphobia and Human Rights,

Faith, Homophobia, Transphobia and Human Rights is the name of a TUC-sponsored conference to discuss homophobia and transphobia in faith communities taking place on Saturday 16th May. There’s more about it on the Morning Star site.

Personally I have reservations about this.  In some quarters there is entrenched homophobia and transphobia within some (but not most) faith communities.  There is, however, a problem within the LGBT community that quite unacceptable anti-religous views are tolerated.  Both sides of the divide need to grow up, not just one side.



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4 responses to “Faith, Homophobia, Transphobia and Human Rights,

  1. I don’t understand the phobia part. A phobia is an anxiety disorder. Do homo-phobia or trans-phobia mean that if you disagree with that political/social thought of the TUC (or any other group that uses the terms) that you must have a mental condition?

  2. Agreed. While not religious myself, I found it deeply upsetting that a trans-woman whose blog I was reading could be so incredibly religiophobic. It boggles the mind how a group of people who are incredibly discriminated against could be so discriminatory themselves.

  3. The fact that you think of both sides as simply being childish shows that you do not take religion seriously. Many people on the religion side of the issue firmly believe that the creator of the universe has dictated that homosexuality is a sin.

    The fact that they hold this belief without a shred of evidence, or that they strongly promote this belief while completely ignoring other parts of their religion, does not change the strength of that conviction.

    On the other side, atheist’s such as myself see religion as a danger for precisely that reason. When you no longer require a conviction to be subject to reason or common sense, that conviction can be the source of dangerous actions. The stronger the conviction, the more dangerous it can become.

    I personally have no doubt that the men who flew the airplanes into the buildings on 9/11 honestly believed that they were following god’s will. Many commentators in the media patronizingly suggested every other cause for their actions such as poverty and discrimination while ignoring the religious justification that the hijackers themselves gave for their actions.

    Religion in America has often been the source of violence and hatred. The bible contains passages which justify slavery and the subjugation of women. While many christians now choose to ignore these passages, there will always be some who strongly believe that god demands that such passages be followed.

    Christianity as a whole has been opposed to major medical advances that relieve suffering, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and freedom of association. In addition, the most progressive societies are ones in which religion has little to no role.

    Being an atheist does not make me discriminatory. I strongly hold that those freedoms are fundamental to a just society. I would never advocate that someone lose their job because of their beliefs, or be threatened, harassed, fined, or imprisoned.

    I will, however, hold their beliefs up to the light of reason. I will encourage them to leave their stone age ideologies and superstitions behind in order to promote a civilized society. A society that respects human freedom rather than passing unjust laws based on strong beliefs that have no evidence to support them.

    It is not childish to discourage ideas that you think are dangerous by engaging in public debate.

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