This site has been developed to aid the fight against transphobia in the UK.  The only blog I could find dedicated to tackling transphobia had a strong US bias: stories relating to the UK were dropping through the cracks.  During 2008 the need for a UK focused blog has become even more apparent.  Over the summer, the Stop Transphobia At Pride campaign was formed in response to stewards at London Pride preventing trans people from using toilets appropriate to their gender.  Later in 2008, many trans people questioned whether it was appropriate for Stonewall to nominate Julie Bindell as Journalist of the Year given the nature of some of her comments on transpeople over the years.

Transphobia can be encountered at a very individual level.  It’s not a concept: it’s real discrmination and fear faced by real people.  Individuals can find it hard to tell these stories on their own blogs for fear of outing themselves.  It is hoped that this blog will give an outlet to personal stories of transphobia and discrimination which can be published anonymously. This site is intended as a resource for all of those interested in combatting transphobia.

There is no legal definition of transphobia.  On the What is Transphobia? page, we try to explain what transphobia means.  Given the meaning is somewhat subjective, the news style on the blog is therefore to question behaviour rather than to simply describe it as transphobia.  Readers are invited to discuss the issue for themselves: raising awareness is a critical part of the campaign against transphobia.  Since this site could itself suffer transphobic attacks, comment protection has been set to max.  As I don’t visit every day, it may therefore take a long time for a comment to be approved.  If you have an opinion on the site or a news story, I’d suggest discuss it on your own blog and link back to the story concerned rather than leaving a comment here.  That will be quicker: trust me!

A page has been added on where to go if you suffer transphobia yourself.  If anbody has additional contacts for this page, please use the Contact form to send me the details.  You should also use this page to get in touch if you are interested in becoming an author and contributing news stories for the page, or if you have a personal story you would like to have published anonymously.

Finally, please promote this blog by adding it to the blogroll on your site.  The best way to fight transphobia is to get the message out there.