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Gainesville again

OK I’ve found a bit more:

Firstly the Citizens for Good Public Policy have their site here, which describes what the proposed amendment will do, and links to a copy of the draft amendment.  They intention is stated as follows:

The proposed amendment, if approved by the voters of Gainesville, will require the city’s civil rights categories (contained in the Code of Ordinances) to match the State of Florida’s civil rights categories. This action will remove two current categories—sexual orientation and gender identity disorder—as well as nullify current laws, such as the Gender Identity Ordinance, that specifically pertain to these categories.   

That’s a particularly evil (and I use the word advisedly) ordinance as it completely removes all legal protections from anybody who is gay or trangendered. 

There’s also a decent Associated Press article which summarises the state of play and includes a little map to show where Gainesville lies in Florida.


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Transphobic ordinance on bill in Florida

This video has been released by those campaigning to change the equality laws in Gainesville, Florida.

Placard with slogan

Placard with slogan

It’s exceedingly pernicious hatred that equates trans women with paedophiles and is a cornerstone of the local campaign to reduce rights for transgendered people.  The campaign is trying to introduce a new city ordinance removing anti-discrimination protections for LGTB people, and is headlining the campaign with images of men using women’s restrooms, while the ordinance is actually far ranging in its effect as described in this TV footage.  The Gainesville City Attorney has confirmed that the ordinance, if passed, would remove human rights protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The ordinance goes to the ballot on 24th March.  There’s a good write up of the current state of play in the Orlando Sentinel but I’ve so far been unable to find a copy of the draft ordinance.  If anybody finds one, I’d appreciated it if you could please post a link to it in a comment.

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