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Stonewall, the Gender Trust and Transphobia

In their newsletter of 14th October, headed, “Stonewall nominates transphobic journalist for award”, the charity the Gender Trust said, “Julie Bindell, a noted journalist who writes for The Guardian, has publicly stated views on the care and treatment of trans people which the Trust considers are seriously transphobic.”  

For unknown reasons, by 15th October, the Gender Trust’s position had changed remarkably, saying now, “The Gender Trust while sticking with its original objections to the inclusion of Julie Bindel in the list of nominees accepts that on the basis of the criteria set down for judging individual categories, the reassurances given and the fact that our objection has not been rejected out of hand, it would be churlish to protest further.”

Many in the trans community believe that the Gender Trust has apparently caved in but has not explained why.


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