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Transphobia within the LGBT movement

Much has been written about transphobia within the UK LGB movement, with particular attention focused on Stonewall and Julie Bindel, but the problem is an international one as Aleisha Cuff reports from Vancouver in Man Count.  It’s worth remembering that Vancouver was the site of the Kimberly Nixon court case that seems to lie at the root of Julie Bindel’s animosity and some of the comments to the article pick up on some specifics of that case.

One thing Aleisha said particularly caught my eye as it seemed to sum up the issue rather neatly:

Trans women are in a tremendously difficult position: if we’re too feminine we’re acting as sexist caricatures, whereas if we’re too masculine that just proves we’re not women in the first place. If we speak up, we’re aggressively grabbing the microphone, and if we don’t we’re supporting the premise that women are meek and submissive.


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