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United Nations on Transphobia and Homophobia

Theme: Opposing grave Human Rights Violations on the basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.

I have not posted much because I am massively disillusioned with trans activism in the UK which refuses to understand how far the UK has moved and concern that stories are sometimes used as a point rather than in compassion for the victim.  This UN video, however, is a landmark and is something that everybody should watch. It reinforces how lucky we are in the UK – I wish people would remember that because, I believe, until we do, we cannot really understand how bad the situation is on other countries.

Warning: this is a speech which is emotionally powerful and some may find deeply upsetting. There are no disturbing images – just truth about brutality in many countries.

There’s a full version of the even (85 minutes) here



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Lateisha Green

I struggle to follow the implications of this case – I’d suggest you read about it on Feministe instead.  Essentially one Dwight Less has been convicted in the USA of the manslaughter of a transsexual woman, Lateisha Green and that the killing was a hate crime.

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